by Greet Death

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Jeoffrey Owen
Jeoffrey Owen thumbnail
Jeoffrey Owen So incredibly good. I listen to at least part of this record every day since I bought it. I went back and bought a t shirt. Their music moves me and creates such great emotions. I feel it is unique and has to be experienced by the listener so that everyone can have their own experience. Every song is a banger. Something for everyone , if you like your guitars a little harder, fuzzed out, it is all here waiting for you. One of my favorite records of 2017 for sure. It would be amazing to see them play live. Favorite track: Black Hole Jesus Christ.
Taylor Brand
Taylor Brand thumbnail
Taylor Brand These guys are the real deal, a mind blowing record. Favorite track: Cumbersome.
You Rest, You Joy Life
You Rest, You Joy Life thumbnail
You Rest, You Joy Life death and fuzz will bring eternal damnation to us all Favorite track: Bow.
Lemmy thumbnail
Lemmy What a catchy set of tunes. The doom will find a place in your heart.

Must listen to >> Black Hole Jesus Christ
David Beuthin
David Beuthin thumbnail
David Beuthin a literally perfect song. Favorite track: Black Hole Jesus Christ.
edwhetstone thumbnail
edwhetstone Beautiful dense loud dreamy guitars. Favorite track: Cumbersome.
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Dixieland physicals available through Flesh and Bone Records:


released July 7, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Nick Diener at Oneder Studios
Mastered by Jay Maas at Getaway Recording
Photos by Anne Curle
Layout/Text by Kacey Keith


all rights reserved



Greet Death Flint, Michigan

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Track Name: Bow
You're a telescope, I'm a mirror
I reflect, you dig at me deeper
Every night you're dying to see me
If you could you'd change skin and be me

You'll bow to me now

Bought you flowers, dead and retreating
Petals wilted, starving for sunbeams
In the backyard's where you can meet me
Watch me search the ground for my heartbeat

You'll bow to me now

She comes alive
She goes inside
Track Name: Valediction
Lay me in my grave,
And hold me down, no one gets saved
Bury me and sway,
Leave me a light, I'll be okay

With hands closed, when you're breathing down my throat
I'm going down

Keep for me a soul,
Until I die, not growing old
Or leave me in the road,
I want to make my demons go

When headlights split me open in the night
I'm going down

With eyes closed, I could eat your heart out oh
Going down
Track Name: The Waste
How can you stay awake?
Perched on the gate--the grave
With hands holding hands--mistakes
Our skin's in the lake--the waste

Avenge me
Unbend me

How can you stay the same?
Engaged 'till the grave, and saved
The children grow old--we hate
We scratch and we scrape--we waste

Avenge me
Unbend me
Track Name: Black Hole Jesus Christ
In darkness you can see
Why these demons want to crucify me
You wipe my conscience clean
When you baptize me in bleach

I'll bless you
I'll bless you
If you want me to
I will cling
To your chest
Like a cross pressed to your breast

Dreaming of semen jesus christ
Falling asleep under demon lights
Waking up dead on sheets of white
When I get off i feel alright

When I get off i feel alright

I don't wanna hide
From my jesus christ
(Black hole jesus christ)
I don't wanna hide
I don't wanna hide
Track Name: Dragged to Hell
Ripped from ground
Dragged to Hell
Once was found

See you around

Ripped from ground
Dragged to Hell
Was once found

See you around
Track Name: Cumbersome
In the midst of a suicide summer
I crawled into your womb
Inside your tissue center
I filled my head with glue
Love comes for the young and helpless
She comes for the lucky few
Elsewhere, I can't stop dreaming
A place on earth with you

At the end of a suicide summer
I crawled out from your whom
Outside your flesh-filled center
I spat out all your glue
Death comes for the old and weakened
He comes for the lucky few
Hell's where I can't stop dreaming
A place on earth with you

I don't wanna be a bummer
I don't wanna come too soon
At the end of a suicide summer
You drain everyone around you

Spinning from your loom I felt a thread
Take me back to nothing in my head
Funny where a dog will make his bed

Wee da doo daa
Wee da doo daa dee

Can you feel it coming closer?
The end of the summer's colder
Track Name: Dixieland
I'm going down to Dixieland
Gonna buy myself something I can't live without
I'm going down to Dixieland
Gonna set up my stand and hand it all out

With all the faces the same
Are they still playing the game?
Wasting away in the sun in Dixieland

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