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New Hell

by Greet Death

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I could give you my heart What would you say dear? I could open my arms, I could just lay here Often as I try To keep you off my mind I would rather die Than be locked inside my own hell If I spilled all my blood Would you still be here? When it fills up my lungs Would you shed a tear? I’ve been left behind Returned to the grind If I spoke my mind I’d be crucified in my own hell
Here comes the sun Here comes the shit again I don’t get off I just get broken Here comes the dark To cut me open and Collect my heart And crush it slowly What do I do if I don’t feel like Getting high again? Getting nowhere Going nowhere I hate my friends Cause they don’t hate themselves And they shut me up I want to be like them I don’t want to talk I want to think about my days ‘Till I waste them all And I feel boring, fucking boring And what do I do if I don’t feel like Getting well again? Cause I’m not done yet I’m still young, yeah And what are you thinking about When I got you on my mind man? Do you feel nothing? Fucking nothing?
Let It Die 02:48
I had a dream but I let it die I sit around and I wait to get high I’ll embrace all the consequences Of the things that I do when I Let it die, let it burn When it fades and returns Knowing I’ll never learn Let it die, let it burn
Embracing the consequence of the things I do Could we prove it if I stopped sleeping in the afternoon? I’m awake for the midnight howl coyote croon I’m awake when I meet the devil crawling in my room He tells me You’re gonna wake up the sun You’re gonna hate what you’ve done Now you’re gonna wake up the sun You’re gonna hate what you’ve done Embracing the final glimpse of a blood-red moon Well lately I’ve been treating with the devil in blue Well maybe if he cuts me loose I’ll get my days in hell back too Maybe I’ll keep dreaming if I’m dreaming of you Well the days are getting shorter All your friends stopped coming over And you’re losing your composure You should sleep less, we should talk more Now you’re gonna wake up the sun Now you’re gonna hate what you’ve done
I think I might go for a swim Under the lake, where the cold lives And shiver while the factory flames Dance like specters by the highway Maybe there I’ll take your hand Down in the dark, where I feel nothing And we can talk about your friends Anything but what we’re becoming I wonder what the park where we swing Looks like at night when it’s abandoned And if when no one’s listening All the creatures are silent Because no one needs entertaining I think I could go back again I think I could change how I feel there And we can call up all your friends When we’re finally together
Strange Days 05:28
Said she won't give up on you yet What’s the use of going on when you’re heartless? Wanted sickness, wanted death, now you’ve got it Said you should start making sense Now you’re blue, but you’ve got nothing to prove it Just a symptom of the young and the useless Long days leave me weak and strange Said you’ve got no more loose ends We should leave cause we’re running out of friends here Spent too long trying to bring back the good years That’s when we were sweet like them Wanted love, but we didn’t love ourselves yet And now all we seem to love is the darkness And strange days, where the dead boys play We all waste, lovers bend and break And now all we seem to love is the darkness
Strain 06:06
The phantom of your heart creeps around Like a shadow cast on the ground I was possessed, siphoned your love like a demon I was obsessed, trying to strangle the feeling The stain of your love soils all Like a chemical causes to dissolve You had confessed in the words you speak while you’re dreaming I awoke and dressed, started to dream about leaving Moving to keep thinking about anything When I’m feeling weak, lesser than nothing I will try to keep thoughts from my mind And so I will hide someplace you’ll never find
Crush 03:20
Every single day I fantasize Different ways my body could die I would kill myself completely out of spite Wouldn’t be around to watch my friends cry And I don’t mind feeling lonely Cause we cut ties, and you don’t owe me But sometimes I wish you were in my life Every single day I’m feeling so blue Sit around the house with nothing to do The voices in my room remind me of you I just want to know what you’ve been up to But I won’t call all your homies Cause we don’t talk, and they don’t know me I found love within myself You found whatever in someone else Threw away your pictures I smashed on the shelf I only did it for my mental health If I were a stranger on the street Would you even look to recognize me? And even if you did would you have a clue That every single night I dream about you? Every single night I dream about you So I called to say I’m sorry And I miss you, I wish you would call me
New Hell 09:50
We went down to Houston Christmas Eve And you looked through me You pulled out my insides with your teeth And found receipts Looking for something Sounds like all the rest I knew who came and left with nothing She likes my conscience Silent like the grave, well ain’t that something? I drove to Chicago in my sleep In a dream I told all my friends that we’d still speak But it’s been fifteen weeks And now they’re through with me In the land where the gods are dead I can still hear their stations As the radio towers bend To their voices replaying And they speak through the static now Just like ghosts in their cages While the children still lie awake And the faithless are praying And they speak softly, as they are fading We are all ageless, we are all human But in the twilight, as sun is wasting I lose my words and I lose my patience I lose my thoughts and I lose my feelings Did you give up yet? Do you feel nothing? Where is the daylight? Where is the darkness? Where are my friends now? Where is the silence? Is this the last dance? Is this the real thing? Is this a new hell? Are you my bad dream? Here comes the last dance, here comes the real thing Here comes a new hell, you are my bad dream


released November 8, 2019

Greet Death is:
Logan Gaval
Sam Boyhtari
Jim Versluis

“Let it Die” recorded by Jake Morse at Sam’s Cabin in Cheboygan, Michigan
All other songs recorded by Nick Diener at Oneder Studios in Saginaw, Michigan

All songs mastered by Jay Maas at Getaway Recording

Artwork by Liam Rush


all rights reserved



Greet Death Flint, Michigan

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